Steven Aisen

In 2006, Steve made the leap from the financial industry to luxury real estate by joining Heritage Luxury Builders, and later @properties as a licensed Illinois realtor. Steve spent seven years at Heritage Luxury  Builders developing the luxury custom construction and real estate business at Heritage. During his years with Heritage, Steve gained extensive knowledge of new construction and the North Shore real estate market, from the grass roots level to putting entire deals together.

Steve has capitalized on all his past experience and founded Newgard Custom Homes, a new type of residential building company that puts the client first and focuses on innovation in residential construction. Steve brings a client-focused, highly-organized, and detail-oriented approach new construction. Steve’s ability to seamlessly guide clients through the custom-building process and make the construction of clients’ dream homes into an efficient and hassle-free experience is what distinguishes Newgard from other residential home builders on the North Shore.

Posted July 11, 2016
The Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation
540 W. Frontage Rd., Suite 2210   Northfield, IL 60093