Scott Goodman

Scott Goodman serves as the founding principal of Farpoint Development. With a lifetime of experience in real estate development focusing on investor relations, procurement of financing and equity and transaction structuring, he serves as the foundation for the company. Scott’s deep insight into projects comes from involvement at each step of the process. His practical and academic knowledge results in a track record of unending success across all asset classes and market cycles. Prior to founding Farpoint, Scott co-founded Sterling Bay which he grew from a five-flat purchase in Lakeview to a staff of 150 and a track record that included the build-to-suit developments for McDonald’s corporate headquarters and Google’s Midwest headquarters.

At Farpoint, we capitalize on hard-fought value through innovative real estate development. Our firm is the product of 30-plus years experience creating some of Chicago’s most iconic and game-changing commercial office projects.  We are defined by our: Vision — to see opportunities that others do not. Experience — to create value against long odds. Integrity — to do the right thing when expediency might encourage otherwise. Creativity — to know that “cutting-edge” is already over. Relationships — to build teams of stakeholders that accomplish what groups of individuals cannot.

Posted January 25, 2018
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