Foundation News

Michele Hastings

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Ms. Hastings serves as a Commercial Sales Executive for the National Commercial Services (NCS) operation in Chicago. With nearly a decade of real estate title experience, Michele is skilled in working with a wide range of clients including Commercial Real Estate Attorney, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Builders/Developers, Commercial Lenders, and Commercial Investors in the Chicagoland area and Nationwide. Michele is a results-driven account manager with a proven track record of understanding client needs and exceeding expectations. She focuses on building strong relationships through effective communication, responsiveness and working with her underwriting and service delivery team to provide creative solutions to the often-complex challenges of commercial transactions.

Old Republic National Commercial Services (NCS} provides the specialized underwriting, closing, settlement, and other title-related services required for successful commercial real estate transactions. NCS provides a single point of service from coast-to-coast regardless of the transaction size, complexity or geographic diversity of the properties involved. The responsive team of NCS industry veterans across the nation understands the importance and intricacies of each transaction and has the requisite knowledge and expertise to handle each project swiftly, accurately, and efficiently tailored to meet your specific needs. Their commitment is to provide exceptional customer service from beginning to end. NCS projects include some of the largest and most complex commercial transactions in the United States including office and industrial buildings, renewable energy projects, luxury resorts, sports stadiums, mixed-use developments, and many others. These projects are insured directly by Old Republic Title or through an authorized agent or approved attorney.