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Harry Huzenis

Monday, July 11, 2016

Mr. Huzenis has been active in the real estate industry for over 20 years. After acquiring his real estate license in 1980, he became associated with a local real estate agency. After just two years, Mr. Huzenis and his brother Charley created their own firm, Jameson Realty Group.

Today, Mr. Huzenis oversees the team of 10 commercial brokers while running the company’s investment portfolio of one million square feet. of industrial and retail space. He also supervises the company’s participation with new and rehabbed residential Development, which on average numbers 500 units.

Jameson Realty Group began in 1982 as a small storefront office on Chicago’s near north side. It has enjoyed tremendous growth and now has over 100 people in the organization. Their Chicago and Evanston offices encompass a sales and Management team that includes specialists in Both residential and commercial real estate. While maintaining its prominence and tradition in Brokerage, they have become on of the city’s foremost representatives of developers of both new construction and renovation projects. In the past year, Jameson’s sales of commercial and residential property totaled approximately $500,000,000.