Christian Williams

Christian Williams is a partner with the National Retail Partners — Midwest. The NRP—
Midwest is recognized as CBRE’s leading national retail investment team, representing a
diverse set of clients ranging from REITs and pension fund advisors to private investors
and developers. His team has completed over 900 transactions containing over 135 million
square feet of retail properties valued in excess of $13.3 billion. Mr. Williams joined the
team in 2003 as a Senior Financial Analyst and was responsible for coordinating all
financial due diligence and underwriting. His responsibilities included financial analysis,
assisting in the due diligence and marketing process, and preparation of marketing
materials. Mr. Williams led the financial underwriting in over 115 completed transactions with a total value of over $2 billion.

Mr. Williams’ career with CBRE began in February 2002 as a financial analyst with the Financial Consulting Group.
Focusing on institutional-grade retail, office, industrial and multi-family investment properties, he also supported
Corporate Service professionals by recommending appropriate leasing strategies. Prior to joining CBRE, Mr. Williams was a consultant with Deloitte & Touche in their Real Estate Solutions group.

CBRE Group, Inc. is the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world. It is based in Los
Angeles, California and operates more than 450 offices worldwide and has clients in more than 100 countries.

Posted January 25, 2018
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