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Bart Johnson

Monday, July 11, 2016

Bart Johnson is the President of Wintrust Bank and serves as the Commercial Real Estate Market Head for Wintrust Financial. Bart joined Wintrust Bank in 2011, and led the launching of the Wintrust Commercial Real Estate line of business.  Today, he works with the bankers across all Wintrust charters in the management of the Company’s $7.5 billion investment real estate loan portfolio. As President of Wintrust Bank, he oversees Wintrust Financial’s largest banking charter, including its retail network of branches in Chicago and the North Shore.

Bart is a member of both the Wintrust Credit Committee and the Credit Policy and Concentration Committee. Has extensive working knowledge in the construction and ownership of office developments, industrial and warehouse spaces, multifamily properties, self-storage and senior housing.   Bart and his Wintrust peers are financing projects across the country, supporting their clients’ growth and diversification efforts.  Recently, Bart has led Wintrust’s important expansion into the Denver, CO market with the opening of a new Loan Production Office.