Foundation News

Alfred M. Klairmont

Monday, July 11, 2016

Since 1978, Mr. Klairmont has been involved hands-on in the process of finding, buying, rehabbing, leasing, managing and maintaining commercial properties. Mr. Klairmont directs a staff of over 100 professionals who are geared to offer “tender loving care” to all operations of property ownership. Fast-paced decision-making, ranging from large to small, is a constant. Mr. Klairmont is Chairman of the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation Mentor Program. He is an inductee to the Chicago Association of Realtors and Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

Imperial Realty Company has built a portfolio of over 100 retail, office and industrial properties. Most acquisitions were purchased as distressed properties and have been subsequently guided to success through rehabilitation and repositioning to meet the needs of the respective marketplaces. The firm’s staff includes legal, architectural, space planning, brokerage, leasing, administration, management and maintenance.