Real Estate Education Overview

Real Estate Education

Enrich. Empower. Connect.

One of Harold Eisenberg’s passions was sharing his professional experiences with young people. In that spirit, the Foundation has developed several programs to enrich and empower real estate students and young professionals.

Each year, the Foundation recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of real estate with at least two academic scholarships.

The Foundation’s Mentor Program, Career Day, Speaker Series, Accredited Courses and Midwest Real Estate Challenge have been designed to provide students with exposure to and experience in the real world of real estate.

Did you know…

  • HEEF has scheduled almost 1,000 mentorships?
  • Our accredited university course, Finance 490, had the highest enrollment for any real estate class ever offered at the University of Illinois?
  • The winners of our First Annual Midwest Real Estate Challenge  had the opportunity to share their plan for the Cabrini Green Development site with the Chicago Housing Association (CHA)?

HEEF creates opportunities and connections.
HEEF is a bridge between the academic and professional worlds of real estate.
HEEF is a community of conscientious individuals whose lives have been impacted and who want to give back.