One of Harold’s passions was sharing his professional experiences with young people. In that spirit, the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation introduced the Mentor Program as an exciting opportunity for students to experience the real working world through the eyes and mind of a real estate professional. The program offers a front row seat to the real estate world through intimate one-on-one day-long journeys.

Our team of over 100 Chicago-based volunteer mentors are industry leaders from a variety of real estate disciplines. Mentors are asked to guide students as they conduct their usual business activities. The only deviation from the norm is the mentors’ willingness to open their minds and share thoughts in a way that a family elder would teach the prodigy of the next generation.

Since the program’s inception in 2000, the Eisenberg Foundation has scheduled more than 850 mentorships and average one new mentorship each business day! Additionally, we have created the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation Mentee Alumni Club that offers alumni a lively and informative annual networking event.

Please contact us for further information about the Mentor Program.

Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation Mentorship Program
Al Klairmont
Mentor Program Founder and Chairman
773-736-4100 x24