Mentorship & Career Counseling FAQ

How do I apply?

You can apply using our online application.

How much does it cost to participate?

Nothing. This is a free service provided by the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation to promote real estate education and opportunities. Your only expense is transportation.

What should I expect once my mentorship is confirmed?

Once you receive word that your mentorship or career counseling session is confirmed, we will mail you a letter with more information, including your mentor’s contact information. YOU NEED TO CALL YOUR MENTOR A WEEK IN ADVANCE TO SET UP THE TIME AND LOCATION.

What should I do to prepare for my mentorship or career counseling session?

You should search for your mentor on Internet search engines and review his or her company’s website. Come with questions that you want to ask your mentor during your day together. You should also print off a copy of your resume and bring it with you.

How should I dress for my mentorship or career counseling session?

You should dress professionally.

Should I bring my resume?


How do I get to my mentor’s office?

Transportation is your responsibility. Please note that many of our real estate professionals work in the suburbs. Please make sure you have a way to get there.

What time is my mentorship or career counseling session and how long will it last?

Although the length of your mentorship may vary by an hour or two, it will most likely consist of one full business day. Your mentor will treat you to lunch (no need to pack one). Career counseling sessions typically last one or two hours, often over breakfast or lunch. You will work out the exact time and location with your mentor.

Can I schedule a date on a weekend?

No. Mentors are available during standard business days only (Monday through Friday, no holidays).

Can I do more than one mentorship or career counseling session?

Yes. Many of our mentees participate in the program several times. You just need to fill out a new application each time.

How should I follow up with my mentor after our mentorship or career counseling?

You should send your mentor a personal thank you note.

What else should I do after my mentorship?

In addition to sending a thank you note, you should also fill out and return all evaluation forms provided. Please make sure that we have your permanent email address so that you can keep informed about our events and initiatives. The Foundation is a great opportunity to stay connected so we hope you’ll keep in touch. Don’t forget to find us on Facebook.

Is there anything else I should know?

Please remember that your mentor has volunteered his or her time to provide you with this opportunity. Please be punctual. Be sensitive to the people sharing their day with you. This is the real thing, not a show. Please understand that your mentor may ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement, which you should do. Enjoy and learn from this unique adventure!

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